The Sundogs, formed in the 2000s by brothers Will and Lee Haraway, grew up on the  music of Tom Petty. They harmonized on Full Moon Fever in Lee's bedroom after lights out, with Lee rocking the chords on an electric blue Memphis guitar that he got for his Confirmation.

After launching The Sundogs in Atlanta they found allies in lead guitarist, third singer and songwriter Jon Harris and keyboard wizard Kevin Thomas to build a big anthemic sound that always afforded putting a Tom Petty cover into nearly every set.

So it was a natural that in 2011, they launched "The Sundogs Present: The Tom Petty Show", playing every song an audience could possibly want to hear-- all the hits, a rotation of the b-sides, played and sung with reckless abandon, passion and fire for as long as the crowds wanted to cheer and sing along. They usually have a special guest or two. They are ALWAYS great.

Following Petty's lead, both The Sundogs and Jon Harris have recorded and released 10 albums of their own music since 2005, including "Embroidered Rose," released in July 2021 and Jon Harris' "Rag Tree" in December 2023. You can find all of their releases on all your favorite streaming services.

This is America's Band. Join us for one of the best nights of your life.