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Embroidered Rose

The Sundogs

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Embroidered's ten songs are a triumph of big, triumphant choruses, lush harmonies, soaring pedal steel and synthesizer-drenched space rock. Recorded in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, any listener alive during 2020 will instantly be thrown back into the optimism and hope of Will Haraway’s "Love Will Lead Us Through", the loving embrace of a young family in brother Lee’s "All of This", and probably most relating with the stress, confusion and desperation of Jon Harris’ "Hanging On". But "Embroidered" takes time to laugh into the abyss as well, as "I Don’t Know if She’s Home" explores the fun and aftermath of the relationship started over 'key bumps in the loo', the title track digs into the completely true and hilarious stories of bar fights and confrontations with drunken hecklers while the adrenaline shot of "Full Speed Ahead" closes the album with a raucous, mushroom-fueled tear through the streets of Memphis and cow fields of North Mississippi. The Sundogs do their best to be reliable narrators but, as the late great Gregg Allman used to say—“only a fool tells half the story.”

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Embroidered Rose

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